Dr. Pickett has been president of the Vigo County Historical Society, adviser to the mayor on historic preservation, and director of projects funded by the Indiana Committee for the Humanities and the Historic Preservation Division of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. He has served on advisory committees to the Indiana Magazine of History, the Indiana University Oral History Project, and the Indiana Historical Bureau.

  • American Historical Association – for the promotion of historical studies,
    the collection and preservation of historical documents and artifacts,
    and the dissemination of historical research.
  • Organization of American Historians – to promote historical study and research
    in the field of American history and do all things necessary and proper
    to accomplish this purpose.
  • Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations – the study, advancement,
    and dissemination of knowledge of American foreign relations; to improve
    communication among historians in the field.
  • The Computer History Museum – The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, collects, preserves, and makes available to the public artifacts related to the history of computing, including machinery, code, manuscripts, and oral histories. It also has an annual award banquet and a speakers’ series.
  • Indiana Historical Society – to collect, preserve, research, and interpret
    the unique heritage of the nineteenth state.
  • Vigo County Historical Society – to collect, preserve and present to
    the public, the evolving history and culture of the local Wabash Valley,
    and maintain the Museum in a professional, educational and entertaining
  • Society for Military History – to stimulate and advance the study of military history, especially that of the United States, and to diffuse knowledge thereof by publications, displays, and otherwise.
  • Indiana Association of Historians
  • Indiana Council for History Education
  • Royal Asiatic Society, Korean Branch – to enhance understanding of the arts, customs, history, and literature of Korea and other Asian countries.
  • International House of Japan, Inc. – to foster mutual understanding between Japan and the rest of
    the world.